There's No Place Like A Homepage


Welcome to the firm’s new website. It’s a fresh look at Sara Brady Public Relations, Inc. and an overview of what we do. It even includes an immediate connection to the firm’s “Stop Talking” podcast, which we launched in 2018.

Lots has happened since I started this business in 2010. The firm’s client base began locally and has grown to a national level. I’ve been privileged to assist individuals in extremely difficult circumstances, and I remain involved with everyone still. I am grateful for the trust clients continue to show in hiring this firm again and again as well as referring the firm to others. I’ve also been invited to speak to or teach organizations across the country about crisis communications.

Owning and operating a small business is rewarding but not easy. It’s often difficult to lift your head from client work to focus on your own business. Thanks to help from friends, I managed to do that; it was time for a new look, an update, a refresh.

My great thanks to the team at OnTarget Web Solutions for their creativity and patience, but most especially for agreeing to incorporate my little poodle, Margaret, into the design. Again, welcome to the new site; make yourself at home.