Welcome To Our New Website!

Do you remember words – spelled out in their entirety? I’m certainly not including text abbreviations or sweet little tweets that allegedly change the world. Just think back to the day when we all communicated with a focus on grammar and correct pronunciation. Today we are introducing a new concept to our readers, clients and friends who have clicked onto our new website to explore. Here at Sara Brady Public Relations, Inc., we are all about the words, complete sentences, meaningful thoughts and purposeful communications. Why, you ask? Communication has taken a beating. New and ever-changing digital platforms have caused communications to devolve from email to Instagram where words aren’t even necessary.

I make this point because here at this firm, our focus is on the range of issues and fallout associated with the art, failure and overall thoughtlessness of communications. No matter what communication vessel you prefer, it will always matter whether someone is listening, comprehending and actually hearing what you are saying. And it will always be problematic when you don’t think about how you express your message. Always.

Every so often, we will communicate in this very spot, on this website, which was so beautifully and artistically created by Bryan Kriekard at Great Big Circle. Bryan’s creative genius and design concepts reflect the essence and personality of Sara Brady Public Relations. That’s because I talked, he listened and he heard me.  The unusual graphics that represent our team of practitioners originated with photographs taken by Judy Watson Tracy, a gifted photographer and my longtime friend. And while we are keeping photos to an obvious minimum on this site, we value images and will post them when they speak to us.

This is year three for my company and it was time to update the original website.

Thank you for stopping by our new website.  Thank you for reading our thoughts. You can count on us in the days ahead to provide our perspectives about the world in which we thrive (crisis management, public relations, strategic counsel and community outreach), as well as about the humor we bask in regularly.

Stop by any time. The coffee’s always fresh.