Goodbye Technology, Hello Sanity

Hello Technology: I’ve tried so hard to embrace and love you, but it’s just not working out. It’s not you, it’s me. Welll, maybe sometimes it is you. After all, why do so many companies have those “Chat” folks available for scrolls and scrolls of questions? I know, I know...I boasted and resolved that this would be my year of technology. My intent was to take a breath, learn and become more confident with you right by my side. But the problem is you don’t have my back and I don’t have a clue.

Quite frankly, what put me out of sync (get it? That’s tech-speak) is that you wouldn’t allow my Kindle to speak to my phone. We are all about communications here; we are a public relations firm after all.

I was sincere in my attempts to read newspapers on line, to get directions on line and to calculate on line how many steps it takes to get to Starbucks. And I was especially motivated to connect my new Android app with my Kindle after one of my smarter friends revealed that she wasn’t actually reading email but was enjoying 50 shades of everything on her teeny weeny phone.

Alas, it was simply too good to be true and too complicated for me. It took three rounds of customer support conversations with the Amazon team, and a team of hostage negotiators to open the channels of communication between my phone and the Kindle. After all that, I’m now too tired to read.

So technology, we need a break. I appreciate you, but I don’t love you. I’m going back to my first love of real newspapers on real newsprint and tossed onto my driveway every day. I’m going to look into my husband’s pretty blue eyes and actually not interrupt whatever it is he’s saying to check out the latest ping from my phone. And I’m going to read the book I just got the old fashioned way – from the library.

Technology, it’s nothing personal. You won’t miss my warm embrace. You can’t miss what you never had.