"My Coffee Break"

Welcome. You’re just in time. Sit back. Grab your favorite mug. Join me for My Coffee Break.

This is my new blog, affiliated with my new website, which is attached to my new public relations firm. For those of you who know me, the blog name should come as no surprise and, well, it might even be a bit predictable.

“Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee,  and just as hard to sleep after.” – Anne  Morrow Lindbergh

For those of you who are meeting me for the first time, have a sip. Stay a while. I promise your visit here won’t hurt a bit. Consider me your barista of communications, here to stir the blend of issues and topics associated with strategically and effectively presenting an image or message.

My background is available on this website so I won’t waste your time about that. So let’s focus on this blog and its title. The intent is to focus on the high profile issues of the week and offer perspective in a comfortable forum. Coffee breaks have always provided the perfect setting for chitchat and debate.  In fact, I just verified that with Wikipedia. (Referencing Wikipedia is intended only to show that I am trying to impress our young people who live and die by the site as if it were reliable.)

“A coffee break is a daily social gathering for a snack and short downtime practiced by employees in business and industry. The Pan American Coffee Bureau popularized the term in the United States in 1952, but it has become widespread in the modern world and occurs whether or not participants actually drink coffee.”  Yep, straight from Wikipedia and it sounds factual.

Either way, the intent is that My Coffee Break becomes as desired as that afternoon cup of joe many of us crave. It will be flavored with commentary about business communications, analysis about the major PR issues that are attracting attention, the communication disasters and successes of the week and then I’ll ocassionally top them off with a bit of humor.

So thank you for stopping in. Welcome and enjoy: My Coffee Break is freshly brewed just for you.