Stop Talking

Inundated as we all are by endless communication channels around us, the urge is to jump in the mix, speak our minds, and make sure our perspective is out there. We’ve become so accustomed to opinionating on anything, no matter how meaningless, that for many, staying quiet isn’t a consideration.Sometimes, the best thing to do is to just stop talking.

Having said that, it’s my pleasure to announce the launch of a new podcast entitled, “Stop Talking,” where all I will be doing is talking and opinionating. Essentially, I am ignoring the sage advice I frequently provide to clients in their greatest time of need.

And here’s why. With all that we see in terms of controversy, scandal, and shock, it can be difficult to understand the strategies and reasons behind the subsequent efforts to repair self-inflicted wounds. In recent years, the media landscape has become a confusing place with many layers, interests, and behaviors that contribute to increasing the intensity of an issue. Since that is the environment where I work, this podcast is intended to serve as a way to discuss and understand what is most likely happening behind the scenes in terms of thoughts and actions.

My team and I take crisis and reputation management work seriously. This podcast is intended to be interesting and engaging by incorporating a little fun and, a bit of the unexpected into the discussion. As it launches, my focus will be on relevant events and discussions with interesting perspectives and guests who bring unique experience and insight.

Clearly, the last thing I intend to do is to stop talking.