Stop Talking - It Won't Help



This hasn’t been the greatest week for high-profile individuals swirling in circles of controversy. Between President Trump’s attorney and Bill Cosby’s wife, Camille, both have demonstrated that sometimes, it really is difficult, but best to stay quiet. After making the rounds on weekend television news programs, Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, left a trail of confusing and contradictory statements that did nothing to refute Mr. Trump’s own tweeted admission that he was under investigation by the justice department. When his own words were challenged by Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace, Mr. Sekulow became hostile and unsteady, not really beneficial behavior for clients needing an advocate.

Meanwhile, after a mistrial was declared because no verdict could be reached, Mrs. Cosby, who had been noticeably absent during the trial, issued a scathing statement criticizing the prosecutor and the judge, implying they were collaborating. Anyone can understand this woman’s emotional state. But issuing such a statement while Mr. Cosby could possibly be retried, has no positive impact. Despite her accusatory language and attempt to blame the judge and prosecutor for the Cosby's troubles, the fact remains that Mr. Cosby has admitted under oath to being repeatedly unfaithful along with using drugs in his pursuit of women outside his marriage. Mr. Cosby and his family ended up in both courts of law and public opinion because of his own behavior, not the judge’s.

When sucked into the vortex of public crisis, controversy and just plain bad stuff, the win isn’t necessarily a verdict or being right in a debate – the win is taking control by staying quiet. Silence has no consequences, but is apparently the most difficult victory of all.