Walk To Defeat ALS - And Help A Friend

I love Friday afternoons. Sometimes, I "sneak" out of the office a little early, enjoy a sip of wine on Park Avenue and some quiet time with my husband. Nice way to end the week.   Tomorrow evening, however, I'll be joining thousands of others at Lake Eola at downtown Orlando for the annual Walk To Defeat ALS. This will be my second year to participate. I'm proud to say that I"ll be a part of "Keith's Crew," the team that was created for Keith James, who lives with Lou Gerhig's disease: AKA: ALS.

I've known Keith a while, watched him mature as an executive and a family man. I had the great pleasure of working with him at Bright House. He and his wife, Amy, and their pretty little twin girls represent the all-American family. And together, they've taken on the challenge of Keith's condition and have made something positive come out of it.

After reconciling himself and his family with his diagnosis and fate, Keith committed himself to advocating on behalf of raising awareness and money for research. I've had my share of emotional conversations with him about his circumstances. No matter what, he's preserved and displayed his sunny disposition, his sense of humor and a sense of purpose for moving forward -- always moving forward. Amy stays right by his side, preserving the normalcy of family life.

Tomorrow will be a big day. Tomorrow, Keith's many, many friends will surround him with support, love and a stroll around the lake. I encourage you to visit the ALS website, come to the park at 5:30 p.m. and consider helping Keith and his cause. http://webfl.alsa.org

Have a great weekend!