Word To The Want To Be Wise

Sara Brady Public Relations, Inc. is in the business of communications. We handle a myriad of issues ranging from corporate communications to major, and sometimes quite horrible, crises that require a high level of skill and stamina. We take pride in our strengths, which include knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling. I just posted a job opening and have already received a variety of resumes. As has been the case with prior postings, several of these submissions include failures in punctuation and spelling.

For those who seek to work in this business – which includes dealing in perception -- please know that when I receive resumes and cover letters with these particular flaws, I file them in the trash can – immediately and with total disregard to the quality of the applicant’s experience.

That seems harsh, but here’s what you and your resume are really telling me. If you don’t see the value in having someone edit your own information so that it makes a good and proper first impression, you won’t show that level of concern for my clients, who expect high-quality work from this firm.

The informality of email on the digital platform does not negate the need to follow the rules of communication, the written word and how we use language overall.

So my word of advice to those who wish to be wise and who want to get hired -- go the extra step, pay attention to detail and learn the fundamentals of your trade. It could pay off.