An Oprah Moment

I received an iPad 2 this week. When it was delivered, it was as if Oprah herself blew in from the windy city and placed this remarkable device in my hands exclaiming, “You get an iPad! You get an iPad! You get an iPad!”

The truth is that this was a gift from my friends (and clients) Samantha Gotlib and Debbie Blacher, the founders of Wholesome Tummies, a healthy school lunch service that provides healthy lunches to thousands of students each day in Florida and three other states.

The iPad2 is amazing, but even more remarkable in this day of reality television nastiness is that they surprised me with such a lovely gesture and gift. It wasn’t my birthday. I had done nothing extraordinary.

The world is a tough place and most especially so in the sporting field of entrepreneurial commerce. So when a unique and unexpected act of kindness comes along, it’s not just refreshing but it’s appreciated right down to the bones.

Not every day in business is easy or rewarding. Certainly my work days now will be much more fun to navigate using my new “iToy.” Meanwhile, Sam and Debbie might just have developed a new APP for generosity and grace.