Getting Social

For the last few weeks I’ve been developing our firm’s new social media strategy. I read articles and books, listened to podcasts, and scoured the internet for information. I wanted to do it right. Rather than feeling informed, I felt overwhelmed.

I consider myself to be pretty savvy with social media. But article titles such as The 5 Things You NEED to Know Before Starting a Social Media Campaign burdened me with factors to be considered and work to be done. It became crippling.

So I scrapped my research and spent a quiet Sunday afternoon in the office.  I put U2 on shuffle, sat on my desk and stared at my whiteboard. I thought about the basics of communication – who, what, where, when and why – and just started writing.

The result is a campaign that lays solid groundwork without being confining. It has our personality and humor, and it just feels good.

When our Twitter account goes live on Monday, June 6, it will be a day of excitement rather than stress. All because I let go of the expectation and decided to go with my gut.

The key to social media is experimentation. It’s a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of medium that rewards those who are conversational and authentic. You just have to embrace the unknown and enjoy the journey.

As long as you avoid posting pictures of your underpants, you’ll be fine.

- Christina Dempsey