Get Real

I’m an unapologetic fan of BRAVO TV’s “reality” programming, most especially the “Housewives” franchise about unreal women who reside in a few key cities and who resemble absolutely no one I’ve ever met. As someone who deals in reputation management it’s safe to say that I have a healthy tolerance for dealing with bad behavior and conflict. After watching the drama coming from Washington and Wall Street lately, I have finally become appalled and have turned away from listening to the bad news. As a business owner, the activities associated with national politics and the country’s economy matter a bit more to me now than ever because of the impacts from the decisions and behaviors of our elected officials. Make no mistake, I admire and respect anyone who seeks public office; I sure wouldn’t do it.

The reality is that every time I hear small business characterized as the backbone of the nation’s economy I take an imaginary bow because my taxing relationship with Uncle Sam and the state of Florida validates that I am doing my part. And in light of all the news reports that small businesses aren’t growing, I’m pleased to announce that one of this community’s most respected and talented executives – Scott Bowman, formerly of the Orlando Magic, has joined the firm.

I don’t usually discuss the business side of my business, but Scott’s arrival has attracted a lot of very positive attention and support. Well, duh!

How nice to finally have some GOOD NEWS for a change. If we let ourselves get sucked into absorbing all of the negativity coming from our nation’s capitol, we might as well all surrender, go home and watch more BRAVO TV. I learned a long time ago to shut out the noise in order to keep my focus, but even more important, to preserve my positive outlook on life.

Every day our team – Scott, along with Account Coordinator Christina Dempsey -- starts with a positive attitude. Happiness here is organic and it’s not in anyone’s job description. We begin every morning looking at clients' needs to ensure that no one is neglected and that we are providing the care and service we promised. Just as important, we treat each other with respect even when our opinions differ. Our clients expect that from us and it’s what I expect from a team of professionals.

I am well aware that the economic, employment and political issues in this country are everyone’s reality. But keeping our focus on always moving forward feels so much better and contributes to a better mindset than embracing fear and negativity. So have a nice day. Really!