Our World On The Web

Our young and digitally literate young people predict the end of the website as we all participate in the evolution of Facebook, and while we all endure a tablet takeover by iPad and the companies trailing behind. Since I’ve always been a late bloomer, I’m sticking with my website as an informative destination for those who are curious to learn more about what this public relations firm does. We have a Facebook page for the business, but the website is chock full of information about the backgrounds and skills of those who work here, some fun photos (we look REALLY good in them) and our blog entitled, “Coffee Break.”

Thanks to Tina Branan, our web designer, who updated our site with new photos and additional information about our expanded services. Not only did Tina snap the photo of Brady and Bowman, but the “Keep Calm and Carry On” picture in the background was her gift to us.

I also want to thank all of my clients who have been so very supportive to us as we’ve grown this firm so successfully in a very short time. Enjoy our newly updated website and keep a watch for more new information in the days ahead.