Sara Brady Public Relations Says Happy New Year

I don’t believe in dwelling in the past. Moving forward is always so much more productive. But every once in a while, a glance in the rear view mirror can provide a delightful vista of a year lived well. And that’s what 2012 has been. In spite of naysayers’ doubts about establishing a public relations firm in a down economy, I’ve managed to hold true to forward thinking and movement. The business continue to move in the right direction and we continue to be treated with respect and be valued by our clients, including some who have hit some dark days.

I continue to abide by floating below the radar in relation to with whom we work and how, but at least I can say that we’ve enjoyed some success and the appreciation of our clients. In spite of the political hooha about the economy, we’ve continued to grow our client base, as well as the services we provide.

We broke the rules here (which we do frequently) and posted commentary regarding politics and blatantly and proudly supported our friends who bravely ran for public office. Some won and some didn’t. Those who didn’t did so with integrity and admirable good cheer. And we will continue to take a stand on issues that we believe are simply important to that whole a life well led thing.

More high points include: • Recognition from our peers at the Florida Public Relations Association, which will continue to keep me flying for quite some time. • Relocating World Headquarters from the first floor to a sweet suite on the second floor • Working frantically on an RFP and being grateful about losing to an appropriate competitor • Being adopted by Linda Compton who has taken on the role of Executive Assistant and head caretaker of this crew • Saying farewell to our budding executive Christina Dempsey when she packed her backpack and headed to Rollins for an MBA • Saying hello to Tita Parham who brings talent, skill and great wit to the team. • Sharing a half marathon adventure with Scott Bowman • My friend Jill Ramsier opened her Quantum Leap Winery • The opening of the oh so important Zebra Coalition House on Mills Avenue and watching it evolve with the active support of our own Scott Bowman • Our first intern Anthony-Ray Reynolds became President of student government at UF and got into law school • Our other summer intern Sarah Donovan, who in real life is a school teacher, was named Teacher of the Year at Princeton Elementary • And bringing my mom home from Orlando Health alive and strong

It’s been a successful and crazy year, as they all are. The year ahead has already started strong and we are most grateful and enthusiastic about the future. Stay tuned because we will be launching a new website in Q1 and while our original website -- designed by our fabulous friend Tina Branan -- is already sensational, we’re stepping it up a bit. Keep your eyes peeled.

Checking back over one’s shoulder periodically is okay, but we will always continue down the forward path. Thank you all for reading our blog (much more of that to come), referring clients, drinking coffee and adult beverages with us and being our biggest fans!

Happy New Year!