Thank You Bob Schieffer

For the past few months I have struggled to find somethingreally good to read, something that could hold my interest from the very beginning. I was getting frustrated with hard covers, used books and my Kindle. I judged my book selections by reliable reading friends, book critics and then finally, the cover. Nothing worked.


But last Sunday after I met the press and then faced the nation, I was instantly intrigued by Bob Schieffer’s panel of guests – all of whom were book authors. Schieffer’s first segment with journalists Jon Meacham, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Evan Thomas and Bob Woodward was interesting, but with the exception of Thomas, the others have been all over TV as of late, so nothing new from them.


But the second panel of writers – Alex Stone, Gillian Flynn, Chris Pavone and David Baldacci was refreshing, interesting and in fact, moved me to download to my Kindle Ms. Flynn’s book while she was still sharing the back story about “Gone Girl.” I started reading it when the program concluded. It’s been two days and I am more than halfway through. I read at every teeny break I can find in the day. I would have finished it by now if my work and other household duties hadn’t gotten in the way.


After nearly two years of non-stop chatter, speculation and pontification about the presidential election, it was so nice that Mr. Schieffer, unlike his colleagues across the board, opted to focus on the creative literary world and have writers appear in person to speak about their work. Make no mistake, I love the political discourse and I love good junk tv, but when a good book comes along that has me from page one, I have to share the news.


Thank you Bob Schieffer for doing something different, and for providing thoughtful and interesting television.


And thank you Gillian Flynn for a remarkably dark, fascinating and smart read.