View From An Intern

In my classes at Rollins alone almost half of the students are studying Public Relations. I knew this reason, I would have to find a way to stand out. An internship was my best choice as it would teach me skills and abilities as well as an offer an outside education in my chosen career field that would make me a prospective candidate for future job opportunities. Because there are so many public relations firms in Orlando, I had to really narrow down my search for the perfect company. That’s when I came across Sara Brady Public Relations Inc. Sara Brady P.R has many great qualities that made me eager to be a part of their team. As an intern it is important to be noticed and stand out among others. You should get to work early, stay late and be as accessible as possible because you have to prove yourself (if you play your cards right, there could be a job offer once you graduate or at the least, great referrals from your internship employer) and show your drive and ambition.

The firm specializes in my chosen area of interest which is crisis communication/management. WOW was the first thought that came to mind. Knowing that I would actually be able to work beside an actual professional firm that specializes in my chosen area of study was AMAZING! Needless to say, my decision to apply for an internship with the firm was a no brainer. Fast forwarding through the paperwork process and interviews, I was finally “hired” and was on my way to becoming a Sara Brady Public Relations employee and PR professional (in training).

On my first day, I received a warm greeting from the entire staff and right away I felt very accepted. I even got my own coffee mug which is awesome because I LOVE coffee. Everyone is so comfortable with each other, which is another great benefit of working with a smaller firm. Along with my coffee mug, I got to learn about clients and their needs. Can you believe it? All of this on the first day!

Becoming a PR professional and utilizing my abilities to help others is slowly becoming a dream realized. I’m very proud of myself for seeing what I wanted and going after it and because of that determination, I am getting a satisfaction out of life I never had before. I’m not sure what is to come from this experience in the long run. What I do know is that the firm has already bestowed employee responsibilities on me during my first week as an intern and has made me feel welcomed. There’s no telling what will happen next; I may even get to work with clients myself, conduct meetings, write press releases or maybe even run the company.  Someday.

I can’t wait for next week!